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Czech Chain Hotel

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This hotel is a famous chained business hotel, located in Jundrově, Brno. It has 20 business rooms, a 15.2m­‐sized restaurant, and a parking lot. The system structure shall be easy to install and manage, the simpler as traditional analog CCTV system the better. HD surveillance is demanded. They want to replace the traditional analog CCTV with less effort for training.

This single branch requires 20CH monitoring. The video recorder is AVH316, a 16CH 720P realtime recorder, with HDMI video output and mouse control. It could also switch to 12CH and 9CH display modes for different needs. At the reception, the receptionists could check the video and do further control if possible. All IP cameras are configured plug & play, and the whole system is power supplied by PoE. There is no PC or other complicated CMS software on our standalone solution, which can fullfill the demands for live, control and playback of the branch manager. For indoor use, AVM328D, a 1.3MP IR dome camera, is used. This camera is equipped with PIR to work with AVTECH human detection technology to prevent false alarms causing by poor light conditions and noise. It helps to record each passenger's entry accurately and effectively reduce false logs. For outdoor use, AVM357A, a 1.3MP IP67 IR bullet camera, is used to get night surveillance up to 20 meters.

AVM328 with built-in PIR detects human at the hallway Parking lot with AVM357 solid light IR 20 meters night vision surveillance AVM328 with mic built-in for meeting room monitoring 

System diagram :


EaZy Setup
The way to build a surveillance system has changed! AVTECH makes you experience HD video quality with the least effort to upgrade your CCTV system to IP-based video surveillance. A unique function, totally different from what you know about IP-based products. With it, NVR will automatically connect to IP cameras, and no need to make any special settings. As a result, NVR is easy to set up as DVR.
HD Quality
AVTECH solution enables you to upgrade your surveillance system easily, which brings you clear images for video recording and playback. We support 1920*1080 REAL Full HD display service, giving the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors.

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