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Success Story

Czech Chain Hotel

Description :          

This hotel is a famous chained business hotel, located in Jundrově, Brno. It has 20 business rooms, a 15.2m­‐sized restaurant, and a parking lot. The system structure shall be easy to install and manage, the simpler as traditional analog CCTV system the better. HD surveillance is demanded. They want to replace the traditional analog CCTV with less effort for training.

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AVTECH Skyscraper Solution

Description :

The skyscrapers usually combine financial center, company offices and shopping areas together as a commercial building with the facilities and service of highest level. However, few of them remain the analog surveillance devices. For creating a best security environment for the customers, they need a latest surveillance system. Because of the luxury facilities and confidential information, it is not allowed any parts missing in the recording while installing cameras. Furthermore, they need HD image transmission and the upgrading with lowest price. In order not to affect the running of the skyscraper, the installation period must be as short as possible. Besides, the internal decoration is better not to be modified because of the camera installing.

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